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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Feb 24, 2009 23:40 Flag


    The strength in depth of Man U and Pool's squad is different.

    I would say 11 versus 11, Liverpool can compete with M U as evident by their league victory at Anfield in Sept.

    Over a season of 38 league games-just comparing only EPL matches- the strength of M U squad are stronger, and they can last the pace and have the advantage over the long race.

    Liverpool have had more experience in CUP competition like the Champions League.

    And of course, if you talk about the financial strength of the 2 clubs, MU just came behind Real Madrid in the richest list in the world rankings.

    With less financial resources, I would prefer LFC to be taken by a Arab consortium, rather than controlled by the American owners.

    I would very much prefer Benitez not to coach LFC next season,
    given his failure to win the EPL title after 4, maybe 5 seasons in charge.

    The weaknesses in LFC lie in their defence, and the inability to kill off matches after periods of dominance over the lesser teams, that explains the 10 draws they have had so far.

    MU strength lies in their defence, yes, stout defending is the best form of attack, and with lots of perseverance and grit
    to grind out wins.

    No, Liverpool CANNOT compete with MU this season in the EPL-and the next few-with the same owners and coaches.