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  • Robert Robert Feb 10, 2009 01:24 Flag

    The Premier League

    Is it "fixed" in favour of Manchester United and Liverpool?

    Ask Arsene Wenger, Tony Adams, Tony Pulis, Tony Mowbray, and others.

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    • When Bob Paisley retired Liverpool tried to keep the boot room phylosophy going, Kenny Dalglish a Liverpool legend had a certain amount of success but from their on down things went down hill until they decided they needed an outside influence. Enter Gerard Houlier he did well but not well enough in the league or europe uefa cup to a team the size of lfc is negligable, so he departed and raffa comes in, a master mind in european football 1 win 1 runner up but didn't realise the importance of premier league title for a start now he does and lfc are in the mix for the premier league and champions league. America beware dump Benitez and you will throw the team back into the wilderness years keep him and he will bring you the fruits you desire.

    • How is it fixed in Liverpools favour since its about 19 years since they won the league? Did I miss something?