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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Feb 19, 2009 14:45 Flag

    Will Man U win the Carling Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, and EPL titles?

    If Man U goes to the finals of the FA Cup and Champions League final, they virtually need to play 2 games a week- starting from the match against Inter Milan next week-till end of May.

    There will be postponed games from
    Man U v Pompey (due to Carling Cup Final),
    and the Wigan v Man U (if MU reaches FA Cup
    S-final on 18 April).

    Of course there is the International friendly match between England v Slovakia on March 28,and
    the FIFA World Cup European Qualifying
    England v Ukraine, on 1st April.

    As a Liverpool fan, I must admit that Man U looks to be the team to beat and the most attractive team to watch at this moment. Arsene Wenger described them as untouchables.

    It remains to be seen how many trophies they can win come end of May.

    The fact is, they are going to face a mountain of injuries (I hope) should they qualify for the FA Cup and CL finals,plus the international duties for their players.

    The Carling Cup remains a distinct possibility,
    and if Liverpool loses at Old Trafford, they can kiss goodbye to the EPL title. Villa is the dark horse, but they will not go above M U,comes
    end of season.

    Chelsea and Arsenal are too far behind.

    Fulham, should they overcome Swansea in a replay of the 5th Rd in the FA Cup, should play M U at home in the 6th Rd. Fulham will offer a stiff test for the M U squad.

    M U should overcome Inter, and with the luck of the draw, may go to the CL final - with yes,
    the team I have been supporting for the past 30 years, LFC.

    The rest of the premier league seem helpless in stopping M U at this moment, and LFC is the team capable of stopping them.

    Come ON!!!! Rest of premier league, buck up and
    start scoring against M U. Don't be impotent in front of the goalmouth.

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