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  • Peter Peter Feb 25, 2009 04:46 Flag

    Intelligence of Referees

    Huge amount of money and time have been invested in football, and that it calls for intelligent people and men of integrity to officiate matches. It is my prediction that future refereess will be required to pass basic calculus, trigonometry, and psychology examinations before they can qualify as referees. In addition to the above, referees have to declare the teams they supported prior to becoming a referee. This will enable football regulatory authorities to minimise silly mistakes that some referees deliberately commit. I am beginning to doubt the integrity of some premier league referees... No wonder we do not see them regulating most of the Champions league matces.

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    • Before people start picking on the referees, it's­ not their fault. I work at a top secret government­ funded center, where, 48 hours before any Manchester­ United game, the referees are kidnapped and fetched.­ Then we introduce DNA from cabbages into theirs, where­ it softens the braincells sufficently for us to­ brainwash them into thinking Manchester United can do­ no wrong. 24 hours after the game the referees are­ re-kidnapped and put through a cleansing program and returned to their homes with no idea of what went­ on.
      It's the truth!!!!!!!!
      Seriously, if they introduce the option of giving referees access to slow motion replays of incidents, whilst it may slow the game down a little, it may clear up many of the close calls.

    • The inter vs united game just played, the referee was horrific & he was not english, the same #$%$ happens every where across the world and referees are just human, made as many wrong decisions as correct throughout the match.

      Missed o'sheas foul on edge of the box, evras handball at same position and booked rooney for a non existant foul where he took the ball first tackle and just managed to avoid a 2 footed challenge from an inter player straight after which had enough force to spin him round on his #$%$.

      United fan btw, i just hate #$%$ referees even though i have to remember they cant see everything.