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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Feb 25, 2009 21:45 Flag

    Should Rafa Benitez go (resign or sack) if he does not win the EPL title in his 5th season ?

    As a ardent Liverpool fan, I would love to see Benitez resigns if Liverpool fails to win the title this season. He has been given far too ample time to win it.

    For 5 seasons-if this season is included-he can only win Cup competitions, or end up winning nothing. This suggests he can only prepare the team for a mini competition.

    Kenny Dalglish or Jose Mourinho may be the answer to the almost 2-decades of agony suffered
    for LFC fans.

    Should he stay,to bring more agony,OR, should a new coach be brought in to bring in glory ?