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  • VIC J VIC J Mar 15, 2009 00:29 Flag

    big gob rooney

    this man united team where given a lesson in how to play football fairly the man united diving was unbelievable// that sorry piece of #$%$ rooney who's gob is bigger than his girlish boots needs to shut up and put his feet where his mouth is//this exhibition by liverpool is what football is all about well done lads

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    • man u diving big gob rooney seems youre the one with the big gob explain torres then but saying that not often liverpool get that chance and we all know how gobby there supporters are funny how many come out when you win summut wont c em now for another 4 years we will rest then look out all 5 this season come on uunniitteedd

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      • Gooney is a pea-brained #$%$ Just a matter of time until he
        kicks someone in the head and gets a long suspension. The
        idiot runs his flapping gob just before a huge match and then
        does what..........lol......nothing. Wot a #$%$

        Still.....he's got his little transvestite queen Christine to comfort
        him after their arsekicking by Mighty Liverpool.