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  • Greg R Greg R Mar 19, 2009 20:45 Flag

    Fergie on the quintuple (5 Trophies)

    By Fergie stating that he does not think they can win the quintuple, I feel he is trying to releave the pressure upon himself. Theres no doubt that Liverpool beating united has ratled his cage, thus using this type of reverse psychology that I previously mentioned is his way of counteracting the negativity in his mind.

    However saying that he doesn't think his team will win the five trophies could also effect the team in damaging ways, in that he doesn't truly believe they are capable. If this is sensed in the dressing room, the negativity could spread, then Fergie could be saying he doesn't think they will win four trophies and so on... This may then have a domino effect upon the teams positive attitude.

    But after all this, the gap in the Prem is still four points, possibly reaching to seven. So its all up to ferguson and his merry band of red devils to prove my theories wrong. We will see what happens...