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  • PointOut PointOut Mar 23, 2009 21:20 Flag


    I'm sure most of us across the nation were extremely mystified by the selection of the England national team yesterday.
    Titus Bramble has been quite instrumental to the the descent Wigan performances this season.
    This player has shown exceptional form this season and has been consistent for a long time now and i thought it was about
    time he got rewarded for it.
    All players go through a rough patch has they develop,and eventually grow from that and get a call up to play for the national team.
    Titus Bramble went through that when he was in Newcastle and i think he has now come of age,so why can't he get a call up too.
    I'm sure Wigan football club and fans will acknowledge the difference Titus has made to them as a player this season and will give him the reward he deserves.

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