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  • Why Why Apr 15, 2009 07:36 Flag

    Liverpool v Chelsea

    I'm really disappointed with the result over the two legs, but proud of the Reds for heir performance tonight. Chelsea played well over the two legs, but again, it came down to very little to decide the tie.

    It's disapointing to see Dogbar falling over all the time - what was all that about, rolling over off the pitch, then back on to it just to stop the game?? I've got a 3 year old who doesn't cry that much.

    The rest of the Chelsea team played a pat in a massive tie that was enjoyable, even though we went out.

    Good luck in the next round.

    YNWA - 96

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    • Drogba was a disgrace he reminds me of a U-BOAT.Also i thought the Chelsea fans were #$%$ no idea how to support your team the only time they got behind their team was at the end with their FREE FLAGS,Degs

    • Drogba is the biggest cheat in football and he isnt even that good.

      He missed a bag load of chances in the first leg too, and its disgusting to see a man of his stature, bumbling over the pitch and crying over a minor knock. His worst then the fairy over at Old Trafford!