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  • true voice true voice Apr 27, 2009 05:18 Flag

    football corruption

    Isnt it about time there was a full investigation in football. After watching another appalling and blatant display of cheating at old trafford yesterday, questions have got to be asked. its getting as bad and as constant as formula 1.

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    • it has been said for some time now that , certain clubs get all the big decisions from ref and their assistants, not to name any particular club , but there have been some pretty outragous incidents , the ball being 2 ft over the line, dodgy pens, and free kicks, mysterious added time, and so on . what more weird is that it is nearly always involves this same club, i remember an incident which happened in the early nineties when a conversation to place between two prem players regarding a certain ref, and nothing happned, most perculiar.

    • this has been a long standing family debate, we all know that luton town got stuffed because of the manager speaking out & naming names,we see every wk that manure get a lot of help,while we have an fa made up of people who never played but want big money like the players,you will find greed & corruption,one massive point that has always stuck in my mind is the fact that the #$%$ who f.ckd this country told the fa to allow manure leave of abssense from the fa cup,to play in the world club championship, no other club who has played in the world club championship was afforded this,in doing so they voided their fa affiliation & should have been thrown out of the league,you can not play in any league without fa affiliation,fa rules.so any investigation would be pointless as it would be headed by a lord somone or a sir somebody,who would be paid to find in favour of the fa.as for howard the coward,he should be banned,perminently.