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  • Emfx Emfx May 7, 2009 00:26 Flag

    Lack of Ronaldo Goals this Season? NO WAY!!!

    So he hasn't scored quite as many goals this season as he did last season but does it really matter? The goals scored by Cristiano this season have generally been quite phenomenal. Is there another player in the world that can take a free kick from 41 yards and get it in the back of the net (01/05/09, Champions League)? or how about another one of his INCREDIBLE shots against Porto (15/04/09, Champions League) that must hold a place in the record books somewhere, simply amazing. And back to the Premier League, not as many goals but still showing that trademark Ronaldo sparkle on the field and helping Manchester United to Premier League Victory once again (not counting chickens or anything, yes we still have 4 games left). Well done to Ronnie is what I say and keep up the good work. The Premier league needs you!