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  • The Man Fan The Man Fan May 17, 2009 03:34 Flag

    I Am Worried

    Yes we have won the most competitive league in the world, and yes we are the best team in the world (this year), and yes we beat Liverpool and Chelsea that would grace any world league,
    Renaldo and Tevez leave,Giggs and Scholes only play on occasions where will that leave our midfield, as they are the main drive behind this years win,where will the class back up be. if we have injurys?
    Who will fill the void??

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    • As a Liverpool fan it is weird for me to be talking about this but, I do not think Ronaldo will leave and I'm sure Tevez will stay if Manchester United win the Champions League. Also Scholes and Giggs are getting old and next season could possibly be their last. Also, if 2 or more of them 4 leave I'm sure Alex Ferguson will have some players in mind to replace them.

    • Correction you only beat Liverpool in the Premier table, but you lost to them twice. Your 1-0 goal tally for most of your matches doesn't impress me either. So be worried.