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  • Geoffl Geoffl May 19, 2009 20:20 Flag

    Why is the Daily Mirror so Pro Real Madrid

    The Dailhy Miror continues to try and undermine Manchester United's bid to wina second European Champions League title by printing every stupid story spun by the Spanish Royal Family's pet football club. Real Mafrid are in the middle of a so called election, the result of which is already known. Their curent President was found guilty of corruoption ages ago but he is still the President, His so called agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo is not worth the paper it is written on bit the the Mirror still continues to give it credence. Fergie has said that Ronaldo is going nowhere and that United wouldn't sell Real Madrida virus.He is quite right to do so, this club condobnes the corruiption of it president by alowing him to stay in office. Boycott the Mirror!