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  • A Yahoo! User May 31, 2009 20:34 Flag

    The disappointment of Man United fans....

    What's it like to be a Man United fan? Well, our team have had a poor season, most United fans would concede we were not up to scratch, we dipped, we suffered from injuries and we had issues with leading players... Berbatov, Teves and the perennial speculation about Ronaldo.

    At the end of our "poor" season....We have won the EPL again, the League Cup, the World Club Cup and we were runners up in the Champions League. And we are DISAPPOINTED!!! That shows how great a team Man United are.

    Our fans stood up and gave Barcelona a standing ovation... that shows how great our fans are. We blame our own team not everyone else, we don't scream accusations of cheating, paying referees, diving, conspiracies against us when we lose. No, we take it on the chin and we say "see you next season". That's what makes United great and United fans great.

    Do you notice that other teams/fans can only:-
    1. harp on about the past (Liverpool)- show unsporting behaviour and act curmudgeonly (Benitez)
    2. whinge and whine about conspiracies against them (Chelsea)
    3. invent every reason under the sun to attack and abuse United, a team who despite losing in a rather poor performance were described around the globe as ambassadors for the EPL: (the United haters)

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    • LOL good post Tarq
      Mind you must feel a tinge of disappointment that the team did not appear to be at the races against barca I have to say as a neutral (wanting an English club to win) I felt slightly Perhaps they tried to dig deeper into the well and found it was empty end of a long hard season?

    • Reckon yez can't be disappointed in how well the slimey rat
      Alice managed to bully and berate the refs at Old Ratford.
      Without all those dodgy mind-boggling decisions always given
      in manUres favour ......else always given against manUre's
      opponents......how would you sleazy cheats have sleazed yez
      way to all those dubious 1-0 wins? And you have the gall to
      yap and brag about it? The FA ought to closely eyeball EVERY
      home match at Old Ratford. What a sad sad state of affairs.

      Subtract the sleazy 1-0 rubbish. All of it. Now shut yez gob fool.

      Good on Barca. Shut the yappers up.