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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 14, 2009 20:38 Flag

    The "CLOWN" puts up another anti-Liverpool message.....

    Poor little tyke , bawling and sobbing his eyes out
    since his Aunt Christine departed for Espana.
    Worried about the future ....are you....little cretin?
    As well you should be. Who's gonna DIVE for
    unwarranted undeserved penalties at Old Ratford?
    You lot will be sliding down a slippery slope , how sad.
    Gonna apply the 80 M to the 500 Million Pound Debt??
    Hey , why not invest it ......lol....go
    a full Billion into Debt? Follow Leeds. LOL.

    Carry on , CLOWN , you provide much amusement.

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