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  • OLIVER'S TWISTED OLIVER'S TWISTED Jun 20, 2009 00:54 Flag

    was george best the greatest ever?

    George Certainly Was the Greatest Drinker Ever!!
    The Surgical Proffession Couldn't Put New Livers in Him Quick enough!
    On the Final Count Georgie Boy Burned Out 4 Human and 6 Pigs Livers! (There was Talk that he also Done a Couple Of Specially Prepared Trout/Salmon Livers also, as He was said to Drink Like a Fish?) Yet I have never Seen a Fish with a Pint in it's Fin?
    The Saddest News when George Finally Bought it was the Fact that the Medics had Just Acquired a Sperm Whales Liver!?
    God Bless You Georgie Boy!!