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  • stevo stevo Jun 23, 2009 18:33 Flag

    what has owen achieved in the four years that he has cheated all geordies

    michael owen has been a complete waste of time on tyneside the club now languishes on the brink of destruction and he has the bare faced cheek to sat thats enough for me now i thinjk its only right that michael owen should be playing footballin the top flight, if the little wast of space had put his shooting boots on a few times maybe we and him would not be in this mess ,yes he had not talent around him but surley even then 'the great michael owen should have bagged more than 8 goals a season
    message to michael ...
    Feel free to take your gissa job brochure, your helicopter, your equine fixation and your miserable face to anywhere daft enough to employ you. We're already looking forward to your duet on the KC Stadium pitch with Phil Brown...

    Don't think that this criticism has anything to do with your fading talents as a footballer though - no, our beef with you remains the four years-worth of utter contempt shown to the people who bought the shirts, seats and subscriptions that funded your lavish lifestyle.

    At least people like Joey Barton go through the motions of badge-kissing and patronising the punters. You couldn't even be bothered to do that, spending your time on Tyneside with a face like a smacked #$%$, interspersed with brief interludes of sucking lemons.

    Your skin may be thick but it'll never be as thick as your wallet. Don't feel bad about us though - we'd have only blown the tens of millions of pounds that went into your offshore accounts on other ungrateful pillocks.

    No shame, no guts, no soul, but a bulging portfolio. Role model? my #$%$. You put the con in Icon.
    enjoy the horse racing michael -you completely let us all down liverpool got rid of you .real madrid did not want you and you did not want newcastle when nobody else showed any interest in you .

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