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  • Philip B Philip B Jul 11, 2009 03:14 Flag

    is ronaldo gay or straight?

    Would you like it if someone looked at you and questioned your sexuality? What's your job? Builder; Painter; Artist; Lawyer; Model; Judge; Barperson......? Personally, I loved Freddie Mercury, but I didn't love him physically, I loved his singing voice. I cried when he died. Not because I was in love with him, but because it meant I would never, ever hear any more beautiful songs from him. Ronaldo wants to be a worker like you. Let him work. Let him be a ponce if he wants to! Let him cheat if he wants to! Let him be gay if he wants to! If you like him as a footballer; cheer him; if you hate his cheating; boo him. But don't call him gay unless he tells you he is gay.