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  • What in the world has happened to Macheda for ManUtd? There is so much talk of ManU not buying players, but raising them instead, which I believe to be true...but in all the talk of ManU for next season, Macheda has not even been mentioned. What do you all think? Possible forward for next year? Fergie said that he "has showed he is ready".

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    • cuz he is united star behind the cload...2 impact he make from sub...then SAF give him 2 full time game if im not mistake and he doing preaty well...remember we saw him 1st time when season running almost at the end...next season we will see he got more play time than this year...in my opinion he can be midfielder as well...great combination when i saw him play for the 1st full time with welbeck..he can control ball well at box and create a chance to other to finish...