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  • SIMON SIMON Jun 27, 2009 05:37 Flag

    season 09/10

    who could win the next epl title?
    here are my thought's.( a liverpool fan )

    man u with the departure of ronaldo (80 mill to real ) and the loss of tevez have had everyone talking. ronaldo, i feel was good business sense from saf, deja vu with beckham. we'll soon see if this is true.
    tevez, i feel is a loss to man u, but where will he end up could help decide title?

    liverpool with bad finances,( true or not? ) no exits, tho masherano and alonso may go, arbeloa sure to go, and the arrival of johnston. interesting couple of months, which could decide our season, who stay's, and who goes?

    chelsea new manager ( world class ), maybe a few big signings possible. ( like man city, money to spend ) like liverpool, next couple of months, depending on who stay's and go's.

    arsenal interesting, team needs to perform, and has players to excel. like last season, has promise, but will they perform. wenger not stupid.

    man city money to spend, and doing it. barry good signing, and players being mentioned to join are looking interesting. if they get the big players and they gel, watch out. all eyes will be on them.

    key players

    man u berbatov, rooney, vidic and ferdinand all need to perform. macheda could be key player.

    liverpool gerrard, torres, carragher, reina all need to perform too. next signing could be key.

    chelsea terry, lampard, drogba, anelka, also need to perform. new manager and signings are key to title challenge.

    arsenal fabregas, van persie, walcott, arshavin are also in need to perform. new signing vermaelen could be key.

    verdict at the moment it is looking like an open title hunt, and would not like to predict who will win.
    transfers could be key to the title. who leaves and who joins. will new transfers fit in quickly.
    one of the big for, with man city ( will money buy title, deja vu with chelsea ). we'll know next may.
    good season for the neutral.

    what happens in next couple months will be interesting,and decisive?

    let me know your, unbiased opinions.

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    • It really big impact to MU when they lost Ronaldo, but they still lead by one of the great manager. When MU losing Cantona many years ago people keep saying MU will face big problem and it also happen when Beckham leave the club and Now Ronaldo. The fact is this manager really good on how to overcome this problem.

      Hard to predict who is going to win the title since each team have an advantage & disadvantage. Just wait & see for first 5 game then we can start to talk about it.

    • (ManUtd Fan) I agree. Liverpool made last season very interesting for us Man Utd. fans. It's hard for me to imagine a year when ManUtd won't be at least competing for the epl, but I think that it will not just be Liverpool we'll be competing with. I also think that signings in the near future could swing the advantage to any of the big 4 clubs.Overall, i am SERIOUSLY looking forward to the coming season.

    • (arsenal fan)

      I definetly feel like the new season to come will be all up in the air! Transfers are playing a key role right now. With Ronaldo gone, Man Utd are bound to go through many problems next season.

      New sigining for Arsenal could play a key role in success (i hope) and definetly we have a chance at winning.

      This will be the top 4:

      1. Arsenal
      2. Liverpool
      3. Chelsea
      4. Man Utd

      All very close in points though that is my prediction!

    • I think it could go either way (Man City fan).
      With us signing Barry, Santa Cruz and Taylor I think we could b more in the race than Arsenal after they are sure to lose Adebayor.
      With Ronaldo and Tevez leaving Man United I think it will give Chelsea and Liverpool more of a chance to win the title, but I think it is to early to call at the moment.
      After all nobody knows what transfers could be made.