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  • Jack b Jack b Jun 28, 2009 04:45 Flag


    Hi, I am a Man City fan.
    I think most of the transfers this summer are yet to come.
    With Kaka and Ronaldo going to Real Madrid and Barry, Santa Cruz and Taylor going to Man City and Tevez leaving Man United for sure I think we have a lot more things to be done.

    When a player is transfering clubs most of the time they have to pass a medical, but when Ronaldo left Man United he had an injury so how could he of past the medical.
    The fact is he didn't pass a medical because he is already a Real Madrid player but he will not have his medical for another 2 weeks so it is rubbish.
    Neither did Kaka

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    • Seems like little frustration & jealous when both player not interested to join Man City.
      No law telling that player must to go for medical test(standard medical test) in order to complete the transfer.
      Even we don’t know if all club using same standard marking system to define this player pass or fail.
      Even Santa Cruz is passed the test but we still don’t know the test same with other club standard or less.
      The fact is human create the rules but it up to them to follow it or not.
      But I understand, if both player joining Man City without have a medical test you will keep silent too.hahaha