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    man utd to realmadrid

    are man u becoming a feeder club to the spanish giants real madrid? beckham, van nistelrooy & ronaldo! who`s next...rooney, ferdinand? the glazers need to give answers for this exodus of talent. is uniteds debt unservicable???

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    • All the more funnier after Ferguson's strange outburst: "I wouldn't sell that mob (Real Madrid) a virus" then he sells them his 'best player' pmsl

    • One question though. Can they find a way to get all those "Star" players to play nice? Can they get them all enough of the ball? It takes one hell of a manager to keep that many egos in check and to tell them when they need to keep their whining, overpayed mouths shut and stop complaining that Kaka took this free kick, or Ronaldo didn't pass me the ball when I wanted it, or Benzema spat on my seat on the bus. Ego and team do not mix. Look at why Ronaldo had a worse last season than the one before. 2 years ago he was about the team, making the runs, getting into space, being easy to pick out, chasing back to win the ball. Then he won player of the year. Look at last season. Ball hogging, shooting all the time from 45 yard instead of passing, ambling into space, not tracking back, sulking when tackled. Still had a good season, still scored some cracking goals, but how is that ego going to blend with a man who fights over a bus seat with Thierry Henry and a man who goes wherever daddy tells him too. Sure, they can be a great team and probably will be, but it wont last like United have. You cant build 16 years of continued success by just signing the gems from each league. You have to polish a few rocks and make them shine too.

    • r u a scoucer who is still bitter. because united are bigger and always will be bigger than you!

    • Look at the players who have gone there, all fell out with Fergie.
      Beckham had a prima donna wife who wanted to be in the midst of fashion. Van Nistelrooy thought he was bigger than the team and they couldnt live without him and Ronaldo is a poncey poser from the med. With Ronaldo it was inevitable from day one he would not last till retirement at united. Be it ego or slack attitude, he would have been pushed out eventually. At least they made 80 million from him.