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  • Jake Jake Jul 6, 2009 03:03 Flag

    Becoming a fan in America

    Personally I would say Man United because I support them and you get to celebrate a lot with all the victories and finals they get. But because you are serious and don't know I can give you 3 good choices:

    Fulham: Not really good but has only just made it into the European Cup so it will be good to watch some close international games.

    West Ham United: Finished 10th last season and you said that you didn't want to be supporting a top 4 team or a team which always loses.

    Wolves: You may think of these as a losing team but they are newly promoted and it is always exciting to watch new teams. But you could feel really upset if they get relegated. But I believe they will have quite a long future in the Premier League.

    I hope this helps you but I want you to become a Man U fan because they are the best. =Þ

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    • You should support Liverpool, watch the 2005 Champions league final. They are a club with great history and pride. They havent won the Premier league in over two decades, but last year they came 4 points short of winning it. The have a great team spirit, there starting eleven can beat any team on there day, they do lack strength in depth, dont have the spending power of Man U and Chelsea. Liverpool are entertainning to watch, they do score lots of goals, and they usually win games the hardway, like going down 3 goals first lol.

      Or you could support Arsenal, they havent done too well in recent years, but they have a great young squad and they do play attractive football.

      if you want a team out side the top four then perhaps you should look @ the following

      Everton, they have a small squad, dont have money to spend, but have some great players and there manager is very good. They are the only team to have broken into the top 4 in the last 10 years, they came 4th in 2005, think that was there highest ever finnish to a season. this year they also reached the FA cup final, it was a shame they lost to chelsea at the final hurdle.

      (im a liverpool fan btw)