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    Becoming a fan in America

    I'm really interested in the Premier League, but it's hard to follow in the US with very little coverage on TV, not to mention that I don't have a favorite team. I don't want to bandwagon a Big 4 team, but I don't want to latch on to a perennial loser either. Basically, I need advice on how to follow the league and how to pick a team to root for. Any help?

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    • Personally I would say Man United because I support them and you get to celebrate a lot with all the victories and finals they get. But because you are serious and don't know I can give you 3 good choices:

      Fulham: Not really good but has only just made it into the European Cup so it will be good to watch some close international games.

      West Ham United: Finished 10th last season and you said that you didn't want to be supporting a top 4 team or a team which always loses.

      Wolves: You may think of these as a losing team but they are newly promoted and it is always exciting to watch new teams. But you could feel really upset if they get relegated. But I believe they will have quite a long future in the Premier League.

      I hope this helps you but I want you to become a Man U fan because they are the best. =Þ

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      • You should support Liverpool, watch the 2005 Champions league final. They are a club with great history and pride. They havent won the Premier league in over two decades, but last year they came 4 points short of winning it. The have a great team spirit, there starting eleven can beat any team on there day, they do lack strength in depth, dont have the spending power of Man U and Chelsea. Liverpool are entertainning to watch, they do score lots of goals, and they usually win games the hardway, like going down 3 goals first lol.

        Or you could support Arsenal, they havent done too well in recent years, but they have a great young squad and they do play attractive football.

        if you want a team out side the top four then perhaps you should look @ the following

        Everton, they have a small squad, dont have money to spend, but have some great players and there manager is very good. They are the only team to have broken into the top 4 in the last 10 years, they came 4th in 2005, think that was there highest ever finnish to a season. this year they also reached the FA cup final, it was a shame they lost to chelsea at the final hurdle.

        (im a liverpool fan btw)

    • To be honest, it's easy to start liking a team...I am new to the EPL as well (started watching last year). You instantly become a fan when you can identify all of the players and are genuinely interested in all games that a club plays. They play a lot of EPL games on one of the Fox channels...FSN or something like that. If you have extended cable, you could check up on it. Just start watching and you'll find a team.

    • I'll also add that seeing any team in the US besides one of the big 4 is infrequent unless playing one of the big 4, so don't feel bad. Hoping there will be more coverage soon though...

      Here's the Premier League official site from which you may examine each team's history, squads, owners, etc.



    • Back in 2006, I was in the same position as you. Coming off the World Cup excitement, I decided to pick a team in the EPL. I ended up with Wigan for the following reasons:
      1. Like me, they were new to the Premier League (1st season in 05-06).
      2. A smaller club from an 'blue-collar' area that more resembles a smaller city rather than a 'white-collar' metropolis, which is where I live and could identify with.
      3. They had a kit (jersey) I liked and could see myself wearing.
      4. They were an up-and-coming club but still an underdog (and to some degree most teams out of the Big 4 are) and I specifically did not want to bandwagon with a big team.

      Do some research, read a little history of each team and find a team that suits you. Stick with your instincts. I think you will soon find a kinship with other fans that is fairly unmatched in most US sports. Hope this helps.