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  • stevo stevo Jul 4, 2009 22:38 Flag

    more nonsense from michael !!

    I probably had a poor spell up at Newcastle -
    probably .probablt you did nothing but cash in you little pick pocket

    Four years and £40m+ dismissed in three words "a poor spell". It's of course no shock to learn that his fitness is fine, having been on an elongated warm up since 2005.

    So why didn't Fergie
    want you in 2005?

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    • and Michael wonders why so many people feel so vitriolic towards him?????????.......it's only 'cos he's such a money grabbing little sh.one.t if he's never heared the saying " a fair days work for a fair days pay" then he really has got more money than sense...........the way he's rooked Newcastle and now left for zilch must make him feel real proud of himself