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  • Joey Joey Jul 19, 2009 00:53 Flag

    Teams in the Premier League

    I was wondering if the people who post on Yahoo know that there's more teams than Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool in the Premier League?

    Looking at Yahoo football news and there's about four or five headlines on Owen scoring a goal. Now there's the City thing which is making headlines simply because people want them to fail.

    Today there were a few friendly matches being played, but everyone has to endure the same old #$%$ about four teams. Just wait till later when Chelsea play.

    Hopefully one or two of the other teams will break into the top four so those wonderful four elite will lose a lot of money. Arsenal and Liverpool can't afford to lose the Champions League cash cow.

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    • We all know this. The fans that speak out, however, tend to be from these 4 teams. There is news of the other teams, but since these 4 have the fan base and budget, (including Man City as of late), they get the most news coverage. People aren't going to write articles about X picking up Y for 200,000 Pounds when huge trades such and hearsay on trades like Alonso, Terry, Ronaldo, etc are rumored to be in excess of 12 mil. Sorry, but this is the way of the world. I agree, i hope that other teams can show some talent this year and make it interesting. Untill then, see you when man utd plays you.

    • Shoot sos I rated this 1 without reading it right should o given it a 4star