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  • james b james b Aug 7, 2009 19:11 Flag

    Darren Bent/Carlos Tevez

    Can i just ask why Darren Bent is labelled an overrated­ flop despite scoring 12 in 33 in the league and 17 in­ 43 in all comps. Yet Tevez is labelled world class and­ worth every penny despite scoring 5 in 29 league games­ and 15 in 51.

    If Anyone has an answer to this please­ enlighten me.

    If anyone says scoring Ratio, please­ look back at Tevez record last season. 11% chances­ converted. Think Bent was in the mid twenties of­ chances converted.

    So Please can anyone clear this up?­ Change the countries they play for and you could­ probably change the "world class" and­ "flop" tags around.

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