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    When are the f.a. Going to realise that the playing field is ..not.. Level , and never will be whilst there is a chief executive of a major prem club on the board of the f.a. I, m ..not an arsenal supporter but what went on at o.t against arsenal was at the very least sinister . The f.a. Should be totaly void of any members of the boards of clubs, as should the premier league. In recent seasons there have numorous incidents/ decisions which have effected the outcome of games involving a top major club , goals not given , sendings off, manager harrising the officials, this clubs players harrising the officials, t.v evidence being ignored , the game s not straight !

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    • Whilst agreeing with most of what you say, what do you suggest as an answer? How about members of the FA, EUFA and FIFA being elected via a poll, we all know that at the moment it is jobs for the boys, but how could it be implemented? Suggest applicants for the top jobs are named and their manefesto published and then voted on. The major personnel have not changed in years and some of the idiotic changes they have made have ruined the game. It will never happen unless the fans walk away from the game in protest, a few weeks with know income may force the issue, but this is dreaming it would never happen.

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      • my point is that there should be NO CHIEF EXECS /DIRECTORS OF ANY CLUBS ON THE BOARD OF THE , F,A.
        where the replacements are come from is not an issue with me , maybe some prominate busness people who are not connected with the game in ANY way .
        the present situation is getting out of control, to much influence from football people, everyone knows who is involved and IT STINKS. theirs on individual who is a director of a top prem club and he is also an embassador for the F.A. all he doe,s is promote his club, as doe,s the dir of the F.A who is the c.e.o of a top prem club. on the question of elections the current crew are elected. the whole system nedds overhauling, SOON.