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  • Patrick Patrick Oct 19, 2009 09:51 Flag

    What If....FOUL PAY?

    I'm gonna come to you all with a few morsels for thought...not all at once but here's my first thought!

    WHAT IF...Clubs and/or players were made to pay a percentage of medical fees, wages, etc. to an ooppossing player if they tackled him badly and he has ligament damage or badly broken legs as we are gruesomely seeing! Especially if the referee deems the tackle bad enough for a booking or even a straight red!

    I think highly paid players are not exercising enough control and are causing too many injuries which can possibly end another players career. Jermaine Defoe's leg stamp on Saturday, even though it wasn't THAT vicious, it was still aimed at that players' LEGS... which are his bread and butter! The punishment should be longer than 3 games for a sending off! If it was say 6 games, plus it was costing themselves or the club money, I think these reckless and malicious challenges would rapidly decrease! What do you fans think...?!

    Next WHAT IF...coming soon!! Strataca