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  • geoj geoj Oct 25, 2009 01:52 Flag

    Foreign 'mercenaries'

    ".... never been snapped whilst a Spurs player getting drunk..."
    Now there's a qualifier for you. I'd agree that Spuds have mercenaries, and clearly wouldn't deny that Adebeyor was one. But this old nugget about Fabregas being a mercenary because he has been honest enough to say that he would some day like to play for his home-town club is as lame as they come. The guy simply wants to play for Barcelona at some point in his career, and at least he's not like that 'loveable rogue' 'arry whose spent years saying one thing and doing another - professing undying loyalty to Pompey only to take the shilling and go to S'hampton, declaring loyalty there only to head back to Pompey, and then rubbishing the speculation that he would go to Spuds just days before he does exactly that....