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  • Delberto Gooner Delberto Gooner Oct 29, 2009 18:47 Flag

    Foreign 'mercenaries'


    Usual rubbish from a Spurs #$%$

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    • Delbert, I hope you don't mind me continuing your list; Wilshere, Freeman, Randall, Simpson, Frimpong, Chuks and Gibbs. I am sure someone else could easily add another half dozen english gooners to these two lists.

      Tottenham jealousy me thinks.

      Our youth team, reserves, and loan players are packed full of talented Brits and players from abroad. Who makes it into the first team is down to the players.

      We rarely buy ready made British players due to the inflated prices.

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      • And tell me, you #$%$ supporting keyboard warriors- how many #$%$nal players are in the England squad? One. Wallnutt. How many Spurs players? Three. Defoe, Lennon and Crouch.
        Jealous? Of what? So what if we have English players who go out to drink (which does NOT include Defoe as your blinkered fans keep suggesting) Fibreglass has stated he would jump at the chance to leave #$%$nal to play for a bigger club: mercenary. You have English youngsters maybe, but you are an *English* club, with an *English* academy. Barely any you have listed will make it because the kiddy-fiddler likes the foreigners too much.