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  • peter peter Nov 1, 2009 16:45 Flag

    Diddi Dive?

    Am I the only person that can see that Drogba is still diving to win penalties. Well not so much diving but collapsing from the neck down every time he is challenged in the penalty area. Funny thing is he is described a a big strong player on MOTD etc able to brush off challenges in the out-field. Get a slight tap in the area and he goes down like a pack of cards. Have to say it is a very clever tactic cos he avoids the dramatic arm flailing dive of old and just collapses downward. Now I am no expert on this sort of stuff but I bet if you could analyse what he is doing it would show that he is inducing the fall and not falling as a result of a trip. What amazes me is that no one seems to notice this, even the TV pundits.

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