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  • Pixie Chick Pixie Chick Dec 4, 2009 00:10 Flag

    Female Yank needs ticket HELP!!!!

    Hello you guys out there! I live in Florida and wanted to buy Hotspur v. Arsenal tickets for my husband's 40th birthday. There are several vendors out there but I'm not sure which one is "safe' to use. If anyone has had any good or bad experiences with any one particular company, your advice would surely be appreciated. Some of the ones I am considering are Mayfair Global, Worldticketshop.com, and Footbalticketshop.com.

    Thanks and Cheers!!

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    • hi there, first place of contact should be which ever team your husband supports, either tottenham hotspur or arsenal, most clubs will bend over backwards to help out in cases like overseas visitors. as for those ticket vendors, i've never heard of them, try ticketmaster as they usually have tickets to premier league games