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  • Steve Steve Dec 6, 2009 11:02 Flag

    Ngog - Player of the future or stuck in idle??

    It seems like a lot of folks on here think Ngog has a future w/ the club (the Rafa faithful do at least). However this is what I saw today:

    -Came on in 2nd half w/ fresh legs
    -Couldn't beat anyone 1 v 1
    -Could not get into any "groove" or in-synch with Gerrard or any of the other regular 1st teamers
    -Missed from 6 yards out (granted a bouncing ball, but he could have laid down, taken it in the n&ts and let it roll in)
    -Don't think he had a single shot on target except hitting the frame

    He may have a future as a descent player, but come on!! We have a 20 million pound player warming the bench - keep Kuyt up top and find a way to get the "Alonso replacement" on the field!

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    • ok he didn't have a great game but who did 4 liverpool + he had the best chances for us!
      the lad's only 20 trying to run as a lone striker and everyone's slagging him off!

      p.s did you realise that Ngog has scored 3 goals in 331 minutes of play time...ok not great but you could look at other player's like owen 2 goals in 342 mins, berbatov 4 goals in 782mins and say ok he's not the greatest but his doing ok and give the lad some support!!