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  • leonmathilda leonmathilda Feb 5, 2010 23:19 Flag

    World Player of the Year 09-10 (So Far)

    You are right. Traditionally the winners were picked from teams playing in Champions League. They even ignored those played in Copa Libertadores. Even if Tevez gets to play in World Cup, still don't think World Cup performance alone count, plus Messi is guaranteed the regular start in World Cup. So unless "miracle" happens, better luck next season, Carlitos.

    I remember Cannavaro exceptional performance in World Cup won him the award....

    Rooney played well, but so as Defoe. They both scored goals like fun, but that alone doesn't guarantee to be world best. Something else counts...
    Unless Rooney gets to score important goals in Champions League and World Cup as well, then he will have his chance. So far Rooney score 20 PL goals and 1 Carling Cup goal. No goal in Champions League. Good but not good enough for the World Player of the Year.

    Tevez even played slightly better than C. Ronaldo this season, at least for now. And Ronaldo's contribution is being shared out quite evenly by his teammates, especially Higuain. So, for now, the outstanding one has to be Messi.

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    • ok wow this is ridiculous! Wayne Rooney is quite clearly the best player of 2009-2010, 9 goals in wcq to messi's 2, messi is a goalscorer, not a creative player, when you look at rooneys game as a whole, he is much more well rounded than messi and poses a lot more threat than messi, rooney is carrying one of the best teams in the world on his back, if you look at the way messi has scored, firstly hes scored less than rooney, secondly hes got less asists, and thirdly his goals are all tap ins set up by the brilliant players around him, rooney is in a much more difficult situation and yet is performing quite clearly better, i would understand if you were saying messi is second in the world even though i believe drogba, ronaldo, higuain, ronaldinho and multiple others have cases for that. Overall so far it definitely has to be Rooney for no. 1 spot by FAR!

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      • Rooney is just the BEST POACHER in the world, so far.

        Just take a closer look at all his goals. MOST of his goals are simply just tap-ins or poaching goals from crossings.

        Example: Just look at his recent games. 3-0 win against West Ham, he scored two goals from crossings. 3-2 win against Milan, he scored two header goals, AGAIN, from crossings. They were good goals but tap-ins are always too easy.

        Stopping Rooney is not easy but is doable: Simply just stop all those crossings and passings from his TEAMMATES i.e. leaving them no room to pass and shoot.

        Rooney the Best Player so far? Far from it. Stopping his TEAMMATES will stop him. Best Players of the world can do magic even only getting some not-so-good passings from their teammates i.e. they DON'T do tap-ins or poaching most of the time. They create their own chances of scoring. They create something out of nothing.

        Rooney are lucky that his teammates gave him so many GREAT PASSINGS. So his team overall should take the credit. Not just him.

        But I would say....
        He is the BEST POACHER in the world so far. He played much like Van Nistelrooy. No GREAT passings, no many goals for him. This is a fact.

      • What kind of a tube are you?!?
        Messi's a creative genius!!
        And has more than Rooney despite the fact that he is Barca's main technician!
        More assists?!? what table are you looking at?
        Messi scores screamers too! a 25 yarder is a weekly thing for him, Rooney hasn't scored from further than 20 yards all season!
        You clearly know very little about football

      • lionel messi 47 goals 34 league goals, wayne rooney 34 goals 26 league goals..which numbers are greater? lionel messi 14 assists 13 league assists, wayne rooney 6 assists 3 league assists..which numbers are greater? obviously you are obsess with your favourite player and blindly claim rooney is the better than messi..check out the statistics of before posting..

    • oh and btw rooney has scored 2 in champs league

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      • Just 2 TYPICAL poaching goals.

        How come Rooney has become the BEST POACHER in the world so far still perplexes me. Normally the best poacher honour belongs to tall and big out-and-out strikers like Van Nistelrooy.

        Stop Rooney's teammates will stop Rooney's goals. Simple as that (though not easy to stop his team.)