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  • sticker sticker Feb 24, 2010 23:53 Flag

    World Player of the Year 09-10 (So Far)

    Scoring more goals doesn't mean you are the best. Especially Rooney scored MOST tap-ins or poaching goals this season. Quite unusual for Rooney because there were far too many goals like that for him this season.

    Even if Rooney won the best player eventually if his team reach the final, I would still see this as ONE-OFF glory for him. Scoring tap-ins or poaching goals most of the time will not constitute the best in the world.

    So, my verdict is....

    Rooney the best player in the world? Far from it.
    Rooney the BEST POACHER in the world so far? DEFINITELY

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    • Well......I know you think your opinion means everything to YOU.....but fortunately I personally don't give a #$%$....Wayne Rooney is the best Footballer that England has had in the past 50 years........and you are probably about 300 millionth on the critics list in the past 50 years....so go figure it out.