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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 25, 2010 04:02 Flag

    World Player of the Year 09-10 (So Far)

    Quantity of Rooney's goals - A lot.
    Quality of Rooney's goals - most tap-ins and poachings.
    Importance of Rooney's goals - so-so (as his teammates can cope without him.)

    For eg. Rooney was injured for 7 straight games in 2008/2009 season. Tevez and Berbatov partnership won 7 straight games in a row, easily without Rooney. Fergie didn't even feel like rushing Rooney back. Fact!

    Even Drogba or Defoe has had better quality in most of their goals this season than Rooney. Not to mention Tevez - by far the one with the best quality goals.

    Rooney the best player in the world? Don't make me laugh!