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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 25, 2010 08:23 Flag

    World Player of the Year 09-10 (So Far)

    In fact, Drogba, Torres and Tevez are somewhat in the same class. Simply because they can create something out of nothing. They can change the game. Drogba is more an out-and-out striker but Torres and Tevez are more special i.e. something awesome about them that Drogba don't have. Perhaps the passion. Perhaps the spirit.

    Rooney? He is the same class as Defoe. In fact all ENGLISH strikers are in the same class. If not because of his team's good passings, Rooney would not even have scored many goals. Take away all those tap-ins and poacher's goals and penalty goals, Rooney would become quite the WORST goalscorer among the best. lol

    Rooney's performance is more like team effort. Nothing special.

    Just look at all those games that Man Utd lost (9 games!). Where was Rooney? Rooney STRUGGLED in all those games! You can see how good he was in difficult games. lol
    Stop his team=stop Rooney. Rooney is just as good as his team. Fact!