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    World Player of the Year 09-10 (So Far)

    I know the season has a long way to go still but was just wandering what others thoughts are on who the best player has been so far this season....

    My vote has to go to Rooney but i have to admit that i have not seen as much foreign football as i would usually have...

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    • Seriously, I think it will eventually come between the 2 Argentinian best - Messi and Tevez.

      Feel surprised about Tevez? I am not.

      If other teams begin to learn not to leave any room for Man Utd to pass and shoot (Arsenal made these terrible mistakes), Rooney's influence could eventually slow down.

      So, my verdict - Tevez or Messi.

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      • See, if it were based on the season, I'd agree with you somewhat - Tevez has been brilliant this season. But given that the award is given out at the end of 2010, I'd have to say Rooney has a huge headstart on Tevez, who has missed some games with injury and personal issues. Nothing against that pick, and it's an intriguing one I hadn't thought of myself, but I think he has some catching up to do right now

      • I agree with Messi being there.....especially when you look at the la liga table at the moment....Barcelona are quite clear at the top of the table even though Madrid have signed the likes od Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema and Alonso etc.... So the Barca players must be playing outstandingly...
        However, in terms of Tevez, although he is having an amazing season, i do not think that you can give someone the world player of the year award who will not even be playing any European football......

    • obviously Wayne Rooney stood out so far this season....

    • -Well,when it comes to nominating the world player of the year in football,i think there is much,accurate and prudency in the selection.
      Course,from all pespectives and my own point of view,it has been preview that the Argentin's offensive midfielder merits one of the nominees,Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal follows,wyane Rooney.
      And not forgetting the Golden Boy of the Italian Serie A,the Current Cameroonian National Football Team Captain,Samuel eto'o of which accurate preference,be given to him!
      - Thanks
      sincere fan +237-77371003

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      • I think Drogba should be in the mix. He's scored many important goals for Chelsea this season. Rooney would be a good nomination. As far as I can see the other players in the BPL giving really good performances are the ones that are from teams that are 4th and below. I won't include Liverpool players. Not because I'm a United fan but they've been disappointing for most of the season.

        I've not watched enough La Liga and Seria A to comment on their players.

    • I also personally don't give a #$%$ about your view. That makes the two of us.

      I merely said the facts, back up with real examples as well. If some people like you want to be delusional, what can I say?

      You mentioned: Wayne Rooney is the best Footballer that England has had in the past 50 years - perfect example of delusional opinion. Go figure.

    • English fans especially Man Utd English fans simply just love to be delusional. They love their English players so much until they become biased and delusional.


    • Quantity of Rooney's goals - A lot.
      Quality of Rooney's goals - most tap-ins and poachings.
      Importance of Rooney's goals - so-so (as his teammates can cope without him.)

      For eg. Rooney was injured for 7 straight games in 2008/2009 season. Tevez and Berbatov partnership won 7 straight games in a row, easily without Rooney. Fergie didn't even feel like rushing Rooney back. Fact!

      Even Drogba or Defoe has had better quality in most of their goals this season than Rooney. Not to mention Tevez - by far the one with the best quality goals.

      Rooney the best player in the world? Don't make me laugh!


    • Drogba and Defoe are and will never be in the same class as Rooney no 1 Drogba is a conman dives all over the place hence a poor profesional cheat&moaner.2 Defoe not a bad player but no way in the same class of Rooney and Rooney gets clattered often and just brushes of all the cloggers.Tevez no a bad player but not a team player he wants to do everything single handed.God only knows why you class Rooney a poacher which is total #$%$ the lad has talent in abundance and one of the best strikers in the world and thats a fact.I am a Celtic fan and a wish had eleven Rooneys,so if you know nothing about football dont put stupid posts up. duuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • People always said Rooney is overrated+overhyped simply because - they are far too many English fans and media who always hype him up and overrate him, simply because the fact that - he is English.

      Now that is biased, and that is STUPID. lol

      Not a poacher? Study all his goals first before you said it. Stupid!


    • In fact, Drogba, Torres and Tevez are somewhat in the same class. Simply because they can create something out of nothing. They can change the game. Drogba is more an out-and-out striker but Torres and Tevez are more special i.e. something awesome about them that Drogba don't have. Perhaps the passion. Perhaps the spirit.

      Rooney? He is the same class as Defoe. In fact all ENGLISH strikers are in the same class. If not because of his team's good passings, Rooney would not even have scored many goals. Take away all those tap-ins and poacher's goals and penalty goals, Rooney would become quite the WORST goalscorer among the best. lol

      Rooney's performance is more like team effort. Nothing special.

      Just look at all those games that Man Utd lost (9 games!). Where was Rooney? Rooney STRUGGLED in all those games! You can see how good he was in difficult games. lol
      Stop his team=stop Rooney. Rooney is just as good as his team. Fact!


    • Neo ur fact is more like u just United or English hater..just accept it as a football fans..not team fans..atlest he the best right now...about ur fact that united has been beaten 9 time this season with him on pitch..y dont u show me all the time individual football who has never defeat when he on the pitch...

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