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    If you think the Olympics are a waste of time then read on?


    Instead of putting money all into one big basket for these few sports it's time to make smaller baskets for all sports. You say waste of money then you are one track minded, so when England Host the Olympics put a Football team in I gather you wont be watching because if you do remember this England has not had a football team in the Olympics for a very long time but now its being hosted here they get rid of Baseball/Softball just to replace it with either one of the following, Cricket/Golf/Rugby/ I cant remember the others but what the hell its just because its here in England and they dont play baseball/softball which has been a part of the Olympics for a long time will just put one of the other sports the IOCC think as it will make England take more of an interest in the Olympics what a Laugh.

    I could say more but I dont want to upset anyone anymore.

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    • Aye thank christ you decided we had enough,any more of your mind blowing sport theories and a would have fell into a coma.Keep all negative #$%$ and write a wee comic. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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      • Just was checking to see if it was true thanks for confirming thats all I needed............

        For #$%$ you just need to look at your negative attitude towards other sporting events, but I bet if & when a Brit won a Olympic Medal you would be the first to brag about it.

        But I, like you have the right to say what I want when I want on what ever message board I want as you have right not to read or reply.

    • I do want to appoligise for one thing, is this I love all sports even football, rugby but I love other sports too & it gets my blood boiling that people sometimes can be so one tracked minded, now you could say me as well but then that would be pushing it because I cant understand cricket but I have tried to watch it on tv but it was not for me but I dont make comments saying boring get it off, so why is it that when I read or hear something about other sports coming from football fans its always negative & 9 time s out of ten they have never watched these sports be it the olympics or something else.

      So please remember I have read your comment & accepted your opion.


    • Ok I understand about the PROBLEMS SOME ENGLISH FOOTBALL FANS HAVE GIVEN ALL THE ENGLISH FANS A BAD IMAGE BUT THEY ALL CANT BE TARNISHED WITH THE SAME BRUSH, I met a lovely couple from Scottland when on holiday to Tenerife and they where great to talk with but I have met the same kind of people that are from down south of England I think its a shame we still have problems amongest our selves like all of the following, England against France/Scottland/Germany/Can never remember which but Ireland not sure if Wales has the same problems with England then you have Canada vrs USA & the LITTLE PORTION in Canada that want to become a country of there own called NEW FRANCE they where given the chance but not one business or anything else wanted apart of it which meant they would have no currency etc so they scrapped that idea straight away the list could go on. I like you am proud of my heritage and so should everyone and all Countries have the Holligans.

      But do take care its only sport & I just was trying to get a message across that when people hate the Olympics because they think its a waste of money then they should think spending any money on any sport is a waste. I love all sport and think that every sport should be given the respect they all deserve. But take care & sorry for starting a political thing as I am afraid sports has become a political advent & lost the sportmanship feel etc.

    • You are spot on English Hooligans give their Country a bad reputation,and that sticks to them,every football venue worldwide hate the prospect of Englands fans coming into their countries.Then you have Scotland loved and respected the world over and always welcomed with open arms and the same can be said of the Irish who are great company and mix with everyone,the Welsh have a good record when abroad,Its a shame the English hooligans let their country down again and again and again thats why nobody can be arsed with them.

    • Most of the things said about the Scots i will go along with like when a Scot wins anything how everybody says how well the British have done ect but one thing i dont get is why dont Scotland enter a team on there own this is not having a go i just wonder is there a reason. As for your rant about Englands football hooligans i have been going to football for 40 odd years and have never been in a scrap and i am sure that the people of Manchester will welcome the RANGERS fans (yes a Scotish team) with open arms. It happens in every place in the world that plays football even at school boy level you get so called grown ups shouting abuse at each other. So please dont have a go at the true England football fans not all of us are yobs or hooligans.

    • I agree your right just like I replied to the gentleman everybody has there good & there bad.

    • I have always thought Nikki M that men having to spend lots of dosh on girls: drinks, clothes etc in order to get into their knickers is a bit of a waste of money.