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  • shaggy shaggy Feb 28, 2010 21:42 Flag

    Aaron Ramsey Tackle

    i have seen the tackle in slo - mo and i think that his leg is already bent at a funny angle ( possibly studs caught in the turf) before shawcross makes contact with him. not a nice way to end the game tho. hope he has a speedy as poss recovery

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    • Thats correct his leg was bent like a banana before contact the slightest knock would of and did smash it .............but Wenger always puts his gob in gear before using his brains .

    • what you describe is an excuse....nothing more.

      Of course Ramsey foot was on the floor...thats where your foot goes naturally after you kick the ball and transfer your weight.

      The fact is shawcross knew this already...any normal well adjusted individual proffesional sportsman would have pulled from the tackle...as he will also have noticed the ball no longer there !!!

      The fact is he followed through deliberately knowing Ramsey could not lessen the impact by riding the tackle...the result was an obvious leg snap.

      This is how Shawcross plays....just like he did against Adabeyor...late and deliberate because he is #$%$