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  • ahmad ahmad Mar 3, 2010 16:01 Flag

    Aaron Ramsey Tackle

    im glad all of you showing your support for shawcross, however 3 leg breaks in his short career, come on ,diaby, jeffers and now ramsey. Im not surprise if theres a 4th or 5th on the way. Maybe hell get a chance to break an egpyt players leg later and maybe a few other at the world cup

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    • Ahmad dont complain about Shawcross when you say he could get the chance to break an Egpytian,s leg during the world cup.Your best idea would be to crawl under a sand spider and stop quoting a load of useless information.Its just a pity you dont play football as you would be wearing sandals and a tutu.

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      • I think that these comments are incorrect. Shawcross went into the tackle way, way too hard. He didn't get any of the ball (clearly), and his follow-through broke Ramsey's leg in two places. It is true that the ball was up for grabs, with each player have a 50-50 chance to win it, but that does not mean that a player should go for the ball so viciously, with so much force, that if he misses it, the other chap's leg ends up broken. Shawcross may be a good lad, but this was a horrible, horrible challenge. Shawcross knew it immediately, as did Tony Pulis, who said so after the game. Clear red card.