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  • M M Mar 3, 2010 19:08 Flag

    Aaron Ramsey Tackle

    Ahmad dont complain about Shawcross when you say he could get the chance to break an Egpytian,s leg during the world cup.Your best idea would be to crawl under a sand spider and stop quoting a load of useless information.Its just a pity you dont play football as you would be wearing sandals and a tutu.

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    • I think that these comments are incorrect. Shawcross went into the tackle way, way too hard. He didn't get any of the ball (clearly), and his follow-through broke Ramsey's leg in two places. It is true that the ball was up for grabs, with each player have a 50-50 chance to win it, but that does not mean that a player should go for the ball so viciously, with so much force, that if he misses it, the other chap's leg ends up broken. Shawcross may be a good lad, but this was a horrible, horrible challenge. Shawcross knew it immediately, as did Tony Pulis, who said so after the game. Clear red card.

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      • Mathew fitba is a mans game and i played for many years and broke a boys leg it hapens and i also had my left ankle broken 2 times and my right ankle once.If you watch the incident you will see Ramsey,s leg snapped before contact was made it was much the same as Henrik Larrson in France during a European tie.I am nuetrel to this point i am a Celt but Shawcross has no reason to feel bad as these things happen.