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  • Don't talk #$%$...of course he intended to take both ball and more importantly man !

    Are so stupid you don't consider the way this kid has conducted himself in other games..he is a sunday league #$%$ and don't let his young age influence you.

    Football is not the place for thug #$%$ like Shawcross....he already made horrendous challenges week in week out....ever seen the Adabeyor challenge or the ronaldo challenge.

    Shawcross is a thug and should never..NEVER represent this country

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    • Phil.K what are you all about you make outragious comments about Shawcross calling the guy a sunday league player !!!!! He seems to be well paid for a sunday job.If football was played as it was in the 60s there would be nobody left on the field.Shawcross did not break Ramsey,s leg it is 100% proven on tv Ramsey,s leg was buckled before any contact was made so get off your high horse and comment on golf tennis racing as you haven,t got a clue what football is all about. Hail Hail CFC,