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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 11, 2010 13:07 Flag

    All Other Teams Beware! Do Not Underestimate Man Utd NOW!

    Forget to mention one thing. Fergie preferred to use FIVE MIDFIELDERS + ONE STRIKER in almost all games this season.

    Why? Most likely to take control of the midfield area. Their "congested" midfielders closed down all the space, pressured the opposition players all the time (especially Park and Fletcher). When they won the ball in the midfield, they quickly played counter attack. When they lost the ball, their midfielders quickly tracked back resulting 10 men behind the ball.

    This "5 midfielders + 1 striker" is their secret why they can attack in numbers very quickly and defend very solidly at the same time. NO other teams in the world now use FIVE midfielders almost all games. Barcelona are somewhat close but Messi and Henry/Pedrov were in fact playing striker/midfielder role.

    Without Ronaldo who seldom tracked back, their 5-men midfield perhaps has become mature as a team now. Fergie is smart in these.

    To beat them, simply have to break their 5-men midfield first. Man Utd midfield is all about "closing down first, attack later" . They played the closing-down game well, other teams simply have to played it better.