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  • Dave Dave Mar 19, 2010 20:41 Flag

    All Other Teams Beware! Do Not Underestimate Man Utd NOW!

    For anyone to underestimate Man Utd, not now but even at the start of the season, makes you a fool.

    I have said since the start of the season Man U will win the league and maybe champs league (but probably Barca). Most fans didn't realise that the main man has always been Rooney (as Fergie said). If you look at Man U's record in the last 2 seasons with and without Rooney it shows how important he was. Its like Van Persie for Arsenal but everyone talks about Fabregas.

    Everyone with good football knowledge knew that Man U were favourites. People who said Man U were nothing without Ronaldo are narrow minded and weren't looking at the big picture. Rooney was always going to raise his game and other players contribute goals too, yes Ronaldo is class, but Rooney was always at the centre of every move and every goal Ronaldo scored. Thats why Ronaldo wants him to go to Real Madrid, people failed to realise Rooney's importance until this season.

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