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  • rumHoney rumHoney Apr 5, 2010 23:21 Flag

    Which team will win the BPL?

    what the hell is the BPL??
    If you mean EPL, Arsenal will win it.
    Celtic and Rangers would be relegated from EPL if they were stupid enough to want in. They are both dreadful. Come on you losers stop asking moronic questions and giving moronic answers. #$%$.

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    • 'what the hell is the BPL??' il answer this with the obvious- Barclays Premier League. Arsenal will not win it. #$%$

    • RumScumy Celtic have beaten English clubs in Europe .Man Utd.Liverpool.Blackburn Rvrs.....Juventus AC Milan Barcelona.Smoke that in your wee moronic ice pipe,If you are what english intelegance is all about god help us,

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      • Going into the season, on paper, Chelsea had the most talent and the best chance.
        I thought Man Utd would struggle much more than they have. I saw them 3rd at best. Liverpool was my choice for 2nd, and I figured Arsenal and United would wrestle for 3rd. I didn't see Tottenham being so prolific this yr, and I thought Man City would need a year to gel all the talent they've assembled.

        My biggest surprises:

        1. Liverpool's struggles

        2. Aston Villa's continued emergence despite the loss of their captain (Barry) and best defender (Laursen)

        3. United's pursuit of the title despite the turbulence all season along their backline, and their lack of creativity in midfield the first quarter of the season.

        CHELSEA is still my favorite to win the league.

        I will understand that Sir Alex brings more to managing a club than I thought possible if UNITED win the league.