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  • Smiggsy Smiggsy Mar 28, 2010 07:42 Flag

    Where is Fullham's £20,000 fine?

    I am currently watching Match of the Day on BBC1, during the after- match interviews, Fullham manager Roy Hodgson appeared to fully admit to resting players due to upcoming matches.

    As a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, I am reminded of the £20,000 fine handed to the team after Mick McCarthy rested players against Manchester United earlier this season.

    Will the FA be investigating this, and will Fullham FC be receiving a similar fine?

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    • Andy, you are talking out of your ar5e!!!
      There were no youth players in that ground, let alone on the pitch and bench.
      They were ALL squad players...ALL of them!
      13 players out of the team that lost to Manure were in the squad that beat spurs at the Molineux.
      Was Redknapp fielding a weaker side then???
      And wolves were not fined!!!

    • Personally I think that rule needs scrapping.

      Teams face an increasingly demanding schedule on a year-in, year-out, and I think the pressure to field a full strength team is what is causing some unnecessary injuries. Sure, they have the obligation to entertain, but at the expense of risking a star's livelihood? It's not quite worth it.

      Maybe if teams were forced to name a 30-man campaign squad and then told they can use 3 players outside that per game (domestically of course) then injuries would be less frequent and more young players would get the chance to showcase their talent.

      Before people question my 30 + 3 theory, the reason is that you have 3 full lineups to choose from there, and the odds of a team having 15 players out injured (from the 30 selected, which would in theory be their limit) is slim, but at least they could then turn to the F.A. and say -

      "Look, we picked our 30, 15 are unavailable, which means we have 15 + 3. Should we get another injury we will be required to break the rules".

      At which point some other emergency ruling could be brought in to accommodate the team's selection crisis, based on satisfactory medical reports confirming that the players are, infact, unable to play.

      Good idea, or bad idea?

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    • There is a difference between resting players and replacing the entire squad with youth players that had never represented the club at senior level. The FA were imho quite right to charge Wolves with fielding an "understrength team"...people pay money to watch these games and Mc Whingy decided all the fans that paid good money to watch Wolves against united didn't deserve to see a balanced game.
      The FA don't pick the team...but they do have to help maintain quality of the product.

    • Smiggsy, if you were a real Wolves fan (or a human that has the ability to read) you would know that it was a SUSPENDED £25,000 fine.
      And as for the rest of you, if you were actualy trying to put forward an actual argument one of you would have bought this up but you haven't.
      Yes this is a messageboard...not a day trip for the rucksack and crayons crew.

    • In all fairness, I completely agree with you here; every manager should be free to name whatever team they want, and the FA should keep their noses out.

      Unfortunately, they decided to come wading in. All I ask is that, once they make a decision, to stick with it, not choose which teams have to abide by the rules and which ones don't.

      And, as a silver lining to this cloud, if Wolves do stay up this season, that may well be the best £20,000 McCarthy has ever spent, because his players essentially had a week off, and are just that little bit fresher than everyone around them, which may make all the difference.

    • Smiggsy if you have your way Fulham will pay £20,000 what a sad wee git.

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      • And what leads you to believe they shouldn't? Sad wee git that I may well be, there is a rule, or at least precedent, set up by the FA directly because of Wolves' fine.

        Wolves rested players for upcoming, vital games and get a fine which, let's face it, is pretty small beans unless you're Pompey. Fulham rest players for upcoming, vital games (one of which happens to be Wolves, by the way); they should also get the same fine.

        The FA made an example of Wolves, and set up a rule. All I'm asking is that they enforce it.