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  • extra extra Apr 22, 2010 20:14 Flag


    Thats one of 2. If Man Utd lose this weekend to Spurs, Chelsea should beat Stoke and the Liverpool match might not even matter. As a Spurs fan I hope for a win this weekend, harder than the last 2 matches as we're away, and for Chelsea to beat Liverpool as well as Arsenal beating Man City. Routing on Chelsea and Arsenal... what has this come to? :D

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    • well, i think the title decider is all up to the team. I mean Man U or Chelse or Arsenal. The team that chase for the title. They need to win as much game as they could because, if they miss even a point, they will not bringing up the title. That's what i think..:) Liverpool are not the decider. Whats they need to decide is, their future. Not the title..