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  • Daniel Amoabeng Daniel Amoabeng Apr 20, 2010 21:09 Flag

    Who is to blame, Essien, Ancelotti or Terry?

    Chelsea's slip ups this season is very embarassing and who is to take the blame? Essien's absence, Ancelotti's inconsistent formation and winning team changes or John Terry's offpitch scandal? I personally think is Essien. Essien is the driving force behind Chelsea and stats has shown that the team suffers in his absence. He defends well, hold the midfield and attack brilliantly and score goals and his shots are fantastic. I personally think he is the cause for so many slip ups because there is no replacement for him too. He wasn't fully fit yet decided to play for Ghana and further injuring himself when Chelsea needed him most. Things would have been different if he stayed fit all season bcos Chelsea would have been crowned EPL Champions by now and playing Champions League against Barca today.

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